AIRSPACE USE PLAN of the Czech Republic
from 22. 04. 2017 06:00 until 23. 04. 2017 06:00
Sending Unit: AMC Czech Republic
Date and Time of Transmission: 21. 04. 2017 11:25:51
A/ Available CDRs 2 : N I L
B/ Closed permanent ATS Routes and CDRs 1 : N I L
C/ TSAs,TRAs and AMC Manageable Restricted Areas :
NrAreaLower limitUpper
D/ Changed Airspace restriction (CAR) : N I L
'NIL' in this list means that AMC non-manageable areas (LKR9 and LKD1 through LKD7) are active in full extent of publication in AIP CR.
E/ Reduced Coordination Airspace (RCA) : N I L
F/ Additional information (Additional restrictions and navigation warnings):
NrNOTAMLower limitUpper
The list F contains reference only to those navigation warnings, which were known to AMC by the time of the AUP publication. The information listed in F does not substitute the publication referred to.